Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach – Food Tips & Health Care Advice for Your Furry Pet

A pet with a sensitive stomach is frustrating and worrying as you don’t know how to deal with gas, diarrhoea and an upset intestine. You cannot bear to see your dog in pain and the torrid gas becomes unbearable pretty quickly.

Once you discover that your pet has a sensitive stomach and might need sensitive stomach food, the next step entails dealing with the issue by first determining what caused the upset tummy in the first place, and then what to avoid feeding your furry pet in the future.

Food Precautions to Take After An Upset Stomach Episode

  1. Gluten, soy and corn might be unsuitable foods for dogs with a sensitive tummy.
  2. Be cautious while switching to a new brand of food as that might throw your dog’s digestive system out of whack quickly see
  3. Make dog food changes very, very gradual, by mixing the old brand of food with a small portion of the new one, so that their sensitive tummies can handle the transition smoothly.
  4. Be prepared for adverse reactions, as depending on the level of sensitivity of your dog’s digestive system, a new food might take a couple of weeks to clear up.
  5. Buy food brands that are specifically designed for dogs with a sensitive intestine like Blue Buffalo Basics or Wellness Simple Series.
  6. Watch out what your dog eats and how it reacts to different foods. Try not to panic every time your pet has gas or an upset stomach, as an occasional episode or two is to be expected even in the most healthiest of dogs.
  7. Consult a good vet about your dog’s stomach sensitivity and follow his advice on dog foods and overall diet.

What is Dog Food Intolerance? How is it Different from Stomach Sensitivity?

Dog food intolerance is a kind of sensitivity to foods which takes place when a particular food just doesn’t agree with your pet’s digestive system. The symptoms of dog food intolerance are quite similar to those that occur in dog food allergies like loose stool, vomiting and diarrhea.

Typically, in dog food intolerance a reaction of the immune system or dermolotogic symptoms are not displayed. It could even be caused by any ingredient which is not a potential allergen.

Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach

Usually dog food for sensitive stomachs contains top quality ingredients like proteins and carbohydrates, which minimise potentially stomach upsetting reactions. Instead of beef or chicken, there could be duck or venison foods for your furry pet.

Grain-free formulas help in avoiding wheat and gluten allergies and reduce the risk of food intolerance.

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Pressure cleaning is a great way to clean large spaces from roofs to driveways. It is also an excellent alternative to scrubbing the dirt and grime off of your deck. After all, there is absolutely nothing like sitting out on your shiny, freshly painted, or newly stained deck. But before you can get into painting and staining, make sure that your deck is pressure cleaned first.

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