Solar Generator or Portable Generator?

Power Generator or A Standby Power Generator?

When choosing a home power generator one of the factors you will need to decide is whether to buy the top rated portable generator or a standby power generator.

A portable power generator is a generator that you can take with you and use where you want. Because of this they are generally smaller and lighter which in turn means less running time (due to a smaller gas tank). Since they are smaller, portable power generators are typically cheaper. A portable power generator will usually have a place on the generator itself where you can plug in electric devices.

A standby power generator is typically connected directly to the power system in your house and is fixed to the ground. Since a standby generator isn’t designed to be moved around they are generally larger, can provide significantly more power for longer periods of time, and can’t be moved from place to place.

When choosing what kind of home power generator, you want to use you will need to analyze your requirements. Consider the following points:

Price: Portable power generators are more suited for smaller budgets. However, the long term running costs may be cheaper for standby generators. If you are planning to use the generator for long periods of time you will need to consider the type and cost of fuel that you will be using.

Emergency power: If you are you looking for something for when the power goes out for short periods of time and only need to run a few small devices then a portable generator may be the way to go.

Permanent power: If you are looking to supply all your power from the generator then a standby generator may be a better choice. Also, if you require a significant amount of power in emergency situations (like when there is a power failure) you may need a standby generator.

Space: Since portable power generators are small you can typically put them anywhere. A standby generator is large and will permanently take up a sizeable amount of space. If you don’t have this kind of space available, then a portable power generator may be the answer.

Power needs: Portable generators can typically provide up to around 10,000 watts of power (for a high end portable generator). However, a standby generator can provide up to 10 times that amount – around 100 kW of power.

Installation: standby generators usually need to be installed by a professional as they are connected directly to your house’s main power supply. This is an extra expense that you need to consider.

Whether you are looking to power your entire house or just the occasional power tool a home power generator can provide the solution you are looking for. Hopefully the information in this article will help you narrow down your choice and help you choose a product that will satisfy your needs.