Michael Jordan Shoes

Michael Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players of all time and this is largely due to his success both on the court and off the court. One of the main things that he is famous for, besides the fact that he is a talented basketball player, is the fact that he has developed one of the most popular sports shoes of all time that makes him Millionaires. The show has gone through an interesting history and has been redesigned into many different shapes and styles. In this article we will take a look at the history of the shoe.

History of the Shoe

michael jordan shoesThe first shoe was designed in 1985 and quickly developed into a popular model of basketball shoe due to the notoriety that quickly developed around the initial design of the shoe. It was created with the idea that it would stand out but this got it banned initially due to the fact that the colours did not fit the rules of NBA. It was subsequently banned. Further models continued to develop in style and quickly developed the popularity of the shoe to a new level. Michael Jordan net worth is something that can be counted on.

Before the Jordan shoe, all basketball shoes were white. Michael Jordan redefined the basketball shoe and has developed a new shoe every year since the first shoe was released in 1984. There are now 31 different models, with different variations of the models and these have all become incredibly popular. Demand for the shoe is always at a high level and a constant innovation in design is always the key focus. Michael Jordan was originally not interested in the Nike shoe company and instead wished to work with Converse or Adidas. However, these two shoe companies were not interested. Michael Jordan was advised by his manager to use Nike and set a deal. Nike was struggling at the time as a show company, but quickly developed in power thanks to the popularity of the shoe.