How to Pressure Wash a Deck

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Pressure cleaning is a great way to clean large spaces from roofs to driveways. It is also an excellent alternative to scrubbing the dirt and grime off of your deck. After all, there is absolutely nothing like sitting out on your shiny, freshly painted, or newly stained deck. But before you can get into painting and staining, make sure that your deck is pressure cleaned first.

When pressure cleaning your deck, there are some things you’ll need besides your cleaner. Make sure that your pressure cleaner’s accessories are complete and that you have the proper cleaner chemicals. You also need to make sure that you have both water and power sources at reach. Some other accessories you might want is just for safety. Gloves and eye protection should be used when operating a pressure cleaner. Consult with your deck builder if you need help.

Before you begin pressure cleaning your deck, assess the area first and set up a plan of action while thinking about drainage and surrounding objects. Powerful water streams can damage many things around your deck such as windows, doors, and décor, so make sure to take those into consideration as well. Attach the proper nozzle for your cleaning project and connect it to the end of the pressure cleaner wand. If unsure of which nozzle to use for your deck, consult the manufacturer’s manual for details.

Make sure that all connections are secure before starting to pressure clean your deck. You might want to do a test pray in a small area first. Start the process by spraying away from the deck first, and then slowly tilt the wand towards the deck. Get closer and closer to the deck as needed to get deeper into cleaning. If applying a chemical solution to treat the deck, you can do it after you have washed the deck with water. If not, dry the deck for 48 hours before staining or painting.